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About Mike

Mike was born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts, the son of two public servants. His father was in law enforcement, rising to the rank of Captain of Detectives with the Massachusetts State Police. Mike’s mother was a nurse. From them he learned the importance of giving back to the community.


A product of the public schools, Mike witnessed firsthand the value of a large, diverse community and the critical role public education plays in providing opportunity for all. Mike went to Brockton High School, and later graduated from Williams College and Vanderbilt Law School, where he served as Editor-In-Chief of the Vanderbilt Law Review. 


After a stint in the Boston office of an international law firm, Mike left to become a public corruption prosecutor with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. Mike’s five years in the AG’s office were among the most fulfilling of his career, as his legal work allowed him to make a difference. 


For the past twenty years Mike has worked in the private sector, first as in-house counsel and later as an attorney in private practice. He is now the Managing Partner of Casner & Edwards, LLP, a 53-lawyer, 88-employee law firm. Through this work, Mike has learned what drives growth in the private sector and how jobs are created.

In Milton, Mike has continued to give back to the community, serving as a Town Meeting Member, Warrant Committee Member, Chair of the School Committee, and, for the last six years, Select Board Member. His middle class roots continue to inform his approach to public policy. 

Mike and his wife Marianne live on Fairbanks Road with their two daughters, Melina, a Milton High School student, and Alyssa, a Pierce Middle School student.

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